Better Off With The Blues

By Delbert McClinton

Better Off With The Blues~

Since you been gone I've had time to myself
Haven't even tried to find somebody else
When you told me you were leavin' it almost came
as good news
It may sound funny but it's true
I think I'm better off with the blues

Now I must admit that I miss you sometimes
Not a day goes by that you don't cross my mind
But at the same time I think of all the hell you
put me through
Yeah, it's the lesser of two evils
I think I'm better off with the blues

I know some day I'll wake up and this blues will
be gone
I'll forget about you and how everything went
But if you hadda stayed I'd be dead in my tracks
Now, I still love you, baby, but I don't want you

Tonight I'm gonna go down to the sad side of town
Listen to 'em play the blues when the sun goes down
And I know just what to say when someone asks
about you
I'll say, yeah, we had our good times
But I think I'm better off with the blues
Yeah, if I had to say,
I say I'm better off with the blues

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