By Delbert McClinton

Blues As Blues Can Get~

Gonna sit right down in my easy chair
Pull out a deck of cards, I'm gonna play some
Break out a bottle, wash me a glass
To keep me company 'til the feelings pass
Everybody needs something to do
Me, I'll just sit here and think about you
It might seem hopeless, but it ain't that bad yet
It's just the blues as blues can get...

I need to call somebody, someone I can trust
I need the number for Lovers Anonymous
I'll tell 'em my story, hope they'll understand
Maybe they can explain it to me
'Cause I don't think I can
I'll take your picture down from my wall
Try to remember the thrill of it all
I know it's over, but it ain't over yet
It's just the blues as blues can get...

Why fight the feeling when I can't fight back the
tears? I stare at the ceiling and I wish that you were
I'm going crazy, but I ain't crazy yet
It's just the blues as blues can get...yeah, yeah
Just the blues as blues can get
It's just the blues
I know it's over but it ain't over yet.

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