By Darude

5 October, 2002

Storms within ourselves beat us inside and whip us about until we are dizzy and off balance and cannot see clearly any longer. Time has taken its toll on our bodies, and our words are just a tiny bit off what our lips are trying to say.

Our minds tossed about as if we were at sea, on a ship swaying side to side, traveling up and down over the waves that hit us with full force each and every day.

Washed upon the shores tattered and torn into pieces that float away with the winds of time pushing them further and further into the new future, speeding so fast, the moments are gone in the blink of an eye.

Grasping and clutching all that we can, as the years roll by, trying to sort ourselves out, leave behind the heavy baggage that weighs heavily onto our backs. Tightly gripped, some things we cannot shake away.

Somewhere along the line we have missed a path and journeyed into unknown territory that is black and doomed forever in time. Fighting our ways out of the deep pits that have pulled us down into their wells of failure.

Waiting for the days to pass, so the yesterdays will not haunt us so openly, digging into our souls and shooting us down like a frightened animal.

Storms of emotions run rampid, as the tides rush to shore pulling everything backwards with them, unless we are able to stand back and look at the situations with calculating eyes.

And if not, we shall drown in our own oceans of sorrow.


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