By Delbert McClinton

Don't Leave Home Without It~

I'll fix some coffee while you check on your flight
Be sure to call me when you get there tonight
I put a card and a candle in your overnight
Baby, you sure look nice

When you go out there in that big old world
I can't help but worry, you're such a little girl
But you'll have my love with you so don't ever
doubt it
And, baby, don't leave home without it

Wrap it all around you like these arms of mine
I'll be there for you anytime
My love has no boundaries
And that's the good thing about it
So, baby, don't leave home without it

Now I'm gonna miss you like I always do
Time just crawls by when I'm here without you
When you're this much in love
There's just no way around it
So, baby, don't leave home without it

When the whole world is searchin'
And you know we've found it
Baby, don't leave home without it

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