By John Coltrane, Miles Davis & Duke Ellington

09 December, 2002

The earth is standing still. The Dawn has yet to
appear. For one moment in time the earth has
forgotten to spin, and silence grasps the little
cities within.

All of us have our own places within. Little
towns, and squares, and fields,
and places we go. Areas that we have walked, and
avenues yet to go. All stored as memories found,
and memories we look for everyday, for some of us
have lost our way.

We Keep looking for that mysterious place, the one
we know for sure is there. Others seem to have
found it, we can see it clearly there, for theirs
is easy to see, but ours often seems so hard to
find, as we really don't know what it is we are
hoping to find.

My youngest daughter asked of me, "What would you
choose, if you could have anything?". You know,
anything, like a day with a movie star, or a trip
afar, those kinds of things.

I could only think of one small thing, that I
wanted more than anything and thus replied,"I
guess I would choose happiness as my first
choice." For if one is happy then there is nothing
else we want or need. Its all there, everything
needs. Happiness would cover everything.

I am not quite sure she understood, but it did
give her something to think of. A little sadness
crossed her face, I recognized it right
and went on to say, why riches of course, then one
could do anything, smile.

Happiness comes to us in many ways. In hopes and
dreams and different things, but true happiness
means only one thing. To discover all those little
places in our minds, to visit each and every one,
to figure them all out, to be content, to know
ourselves inside and out,
and then to share with the ones we love.Only the
best parts of us, for them never to know, never to
dwell other paths we have taken.

For why should anyone need to know those awful

The earth has started to spin again.


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