By The Dixie Chicks

Irish Medley~

wish I were in Dublin or some other seaport town
I'd set my foot on a steamboat and sail the
ocean 'round
Sailing 'round the ocean, sailing 'round the sea
I think of handsome Molly wherever she may be

I am a beggarman and a beggin' I have been
For three score or more on this lil' isle of green
I'm known from the Liffy on down to Segu
And I'm known by the name of Little Johnny Doo

Of all the trades a-goin' sure a-beggin' is the
When a man gets tired he can lay his head to rest
He can beg for his supper when there's nothing
else to do
Or go sit 'round the corner in his ol' rigadoo

We slept one night in a barn in Clairebon
We went naked all night and slept until the dawn
Holes in the roof and the rain a-pourin' through
And the cats and the rats they were a-playin

Who should awaken but the woman of the house
In a white spotted apron and a calico blouse
She began to frighten and I said "Boo!"
"Don't be afraid ma'am, it's only Johnny Doo!"

Over the fields with a pack on my back
Over the hills with a creak in me sack
Holes in my shoes and my toes peekin' through
Singing "Shinkle and a wrinkle it's only Johnny

Well, it's getting late at night and it's time to
go to bed
And the fire's all out and whoops goes the light
Now you know the story of the old rigadoo
So good night and God be with you says Little
Johnny Doo

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