I Wonder Why Your So Mean To Me

Song By Debbie Davies

31 December, 2002
Song Birds

Song birds many, watching, waiting, for the right
songs to sing for each of us. Perched over us in a
beautiful rainbow of colors, their songs will ring
out melodies of sadness, or glee.

The tunes that we choose to hear pulled from the
moment or our pasts. Our interpretations of their
chatting and chanting brought on by our emotional

As in the music that plays to make us dance, or
make us cry, the song birds sing out stories as
they fly. Spreading their wings in harmony,
fluttering lightly in the breeze, or zooming past
us as we walk, the birds miming our minds

And when the newborn songs are made, we look upon
the scene in a different light. As the moments
pass, so does the message of the songs we hear,
for each tune that's played triggers another
song that has already been played.


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