Song By Mighty Sam McClain

16 Novemeber 2002
Double Visions

Double visions. Some things we want to see and
others we close out of our thoughts completely
because we don't want to see. We refuse to
believe. We carry on down the road where once
we had a beautiful smile to carry us along,
and were held by the strongest of arms, to be
dropped so suddenly that we couldn't get up,
because we couldn't catch our breath, because it
was meant as punishment for something that we did,
but were never told what it was.

Those things we never find out, because we don't
want to. We don't want to be told the truth. We
don't want to take the blame for losing something
or someone who was the most dearest to us. We
just want to let them be, even though they bring
us misery.

Double visions of time that are happy and times
that are sad. Troubled times and happy times,
double visions so mixed we cannot determine
which are real and which are not sometimes. Which
ones are fairy tales and which are fables or
rhymes, or the bare truth.

Have you ever looked at something, for example, a
popped kernal of corn. Each of us sees things in
a different way, but most all of us never
remember to think that way. We often feel that
others see the same way as we do. And of course
that simply is not true.

Double visions, like blinders when we want them to
be. For if I choose to see a naked light, and you
choose to see its blinding light, and another sees
its savior from the darkest night, then so be it.

What a mixed up world we live. Do you think two
people ever have exactly the same thoughts. For if
they did, and truthfully said, the world would be
at peace, so smoothly run, or so totally upside

For now I will take my visions to my sleep and
when I wake, I will look at them and try to
remember what they are, and when I figure it all
out, the day will be gone, and another begun. For
double visions is life


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