Song by Sam Cooke & Conway Twitty


I think the whole world must be crying today, at
least it seems that way, so gray, so cold, on this
winters day.

The rain comes down in steady streams onto all the
living things. Its wet and cold and lonesome here,
oh how I wish the sun would appear.

Nothing to do, no place to go, no dream to dream
this winters day. Perhaps I'll find something
to do, there's always writing this letter to
you, smile.How are you my friend I'll say, are
you, too, so blue today.

The wind whistles and cries out to me, won't let
me say a thing that's new. It howls and yells and
takes control, the rain it seems as slowed.

Whispering wind are you talking to me, telling me
what you think I should do. Heed my warning it
seems to say, you are mine this winters day.

Wrapping me in its winter chill, it grasps my arms
I can't sit still, I'll light the fire and chase
the wind away. The embers will glow, I'be so calm,
I'll fall into those flames until my eyes flicker
with fire, and then I'll be so nice and warm, I'll
hear the sound of the rain again dripping down the

Wow I say, maybe the rain is here to stay, maybe
it's not such a bad thing after all, and smile
within, the irony of the day.


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