Music By Floyd Cramer

27 December, 2002

If one could wish away the yesterdays, or choose
to cling to their memories, which would it be.

Would you give up the happiest times to rid
yourself of all the bad. Or would you keep them
all in tact, the same as they occurred, and pass
it on as life.

If one could wish away the yesterdays, I would
wish to keep just the few, and rid myself of all
the meaningless ones, that give me misery.

Never to forget the happy ones, but that could
never be. For the happy times that turned into
sadnes, would always make one remember them

There is no way to change yesterday, or to predict
the tomorrows. Life comes to us in such a way,
that many times there are no choices to be made.

So many times we cling to our pasts, and can't let
While today slips through our fingers, happiness
and love just waiting for us to catch up.

If one could wish away the yesterdays, I would
wish only once. That wish would be to live my life
the same again, with the knowledge from the
life before.

And as i blew out the candle on my first birthday
cake, I would grin and smile to those who were
again, the ones I miss the most.


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