Music By Kenny Wayne Shepherd

On the way home
18 January, 2003

On the way home we walk down many paths, cross
over many times trying to find the best way
for us to reach our destinations.

Some of these paths will be covered with thick
velvet carpets of the softest petals beneath
our feet, while others we find may be like walking
on beds of fire.

As we put these paths behind us, and our lives
carry forward into the future, as each day becomes
our new past, we grow with wisdom and strength
gathered as we stumble along past the many
obstacles that are sometimes put before us.

All of us must find those barriers of time in
front of us as we journey onward.

And as we absorb all of them, the good and the
bad, it makes us who we are.

One day we accept that person as all we can be
and no more.

For those others that we pass upon our trails of
life, then, will have to accept us as is, or move


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